Who is Orca United?

We are a pending not-for-profit organization aimed at raising awareness for cetacean captivity around the world. Centred out of Toronto, Canada we intend to affect policy change that will enforce the Species at Risk Act and inform citizens about the unethical behaviour of marine-themed parks.

Orca United has a tri-fold plan of action to ensure Canadian citizens and friends around the world understand why marine-themed parks are unethical.

First, our overreaching goal is to lobby the Canadian government to enact a policy change regarding the importation and capture of large marine mammals--Orcas, Dolphin, Belugas, Porpoises etc.. A secondary change we would like to see put in place is a policy banning the breeding of Orcas in captivity. The breeding program currently maintained at Marineland is a failure resulting in numerous premature deaths.

The second leg in the plan of action is to establish a retirement proposal for Kiska, Marineland's sole Orca captured off the coast of Iceland in 1979. The proposition will be to have her removed from the park and retired into a sea-pen. 

As she has extensive dental damage, "freedom" is unfortunately not possible. However, freeing Kiska from the chains of captivity is certainly a possibility so she can live the rest of her life is relative peace. The FreeKiska website will be coming soon.    

The third leg is a continuous and ongoing campaign to raise awareness among the general population. Orca United will soon to be involved with many schools around the GTA to run educational programs aimed at informing the youth about the vital role that Orcas play in the wild as well as shedding light on how and why captivity can be detrimental to their longitivtiy. Fundraisers, apparel and products sold will all help facilitate the leading educational platform we intend to run. 

It is important to understand that all three pillars within Orca United are one in the same. Everything we do is aimed at changing the world we live in today. To make it a more humane and safe place for both animals and humans alike. We are strictly a non-violent organization created to speak for those who cannot themselves. 


Why does it matter? 

Founded by committed academics, education is an important and necessary aspect of Orca United. It is crucial that everyday citizens be informed of the cruelty and inhumanity that is a daily part of Marineland and Sea World's routines. Orcas and other large marine mammals are not suited for life in a concrete tank. These animals rely heavily on echolocation to communicate with their extensive family pods. The sheer noise alone in their performance theatre is enough to rattle and disorient any animal, let alone a animal that is as acoustically sensitive as an Orca or Dolphin.    

A fundamental repercussion of education that we encourage is hitting places like Marineland and Sea World where it hurts, their wallet.


The more informed people become, the less likely they are to purchase a ticket to see an Orca show which ultimately funds the facility and encourages them to continue a business model based on animal exploitation. 

Secondly, education encourages people to do something. And its as easy as sending a message to your M.P. The more people who become aware, the more people are willing to stand together and fight for justice. The more people ban together to pressure our federal government the more likely we are to see change. 

Finally, being properly educated on the matter gives you the upper hand. As many activists can attest, being  taken seriously is difficult. Be sure to educate yourself first and know the facts. Encouraging people to learn the truth results in a higher chance we have to reach the ears of those who are in power. Every single person fighting for Orca rights is a critical member.